Volunteer Leader: Yanan Shao

In 2021, I noticed a moments of a former colleague that HandsOn Shanghai is hiring a Beach Cleanup team leader.

I happened to be in the transition period of my career, I think that time I has the most courageous to try new things, and I had always had the idea of volunteering but had never practiced it, so I clicked the link and signed up. Just this simple action let me gain a lot of insights in 2021.

These insights came from the interesting soul of every event I participated in, from the brainstorming of each preparation, also from the story behind. So the bridge of thoughts and action may be that WeChat moments. If you have not crossed, it may be that wechat friends are not enough.

I remember the first time I joined in is February 27, 2021, a windy and raining day, went to beach cleanup with Sophia, it took two and a half hours, that day because of the weather, even take a photo is difficult, I wondered if this is the journey to the west so that need to experience the hardships.

But listened to Sophia’s knowledge output were completely instead uncomfortable, I was amazed and admired.

Gucci's new power|Fashion innovator presents "sustainable" runway debut

The beauty of creativity in the fashion industry leads people’s way of life.

Question is: How fashion brands can continue to lead the change in sustainable beauty under the vision of sustainable development?

On August 3, together with Shanghai and Gucci’s 2022 retail management trainees, the “Sustainable Development Workshop” was held. As the future innovators of the fashion industry, the new generation of fashion has learned the macro vision of “sustainable development” and has more thoughts and understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the fashion industry.

In the practical experience session, 21 youth gave full play to the strengths of the new fashion force, transformed second-hand T-shirts into “limited” environmental protection bags, and created a Gucci 2022MT Fashion Show with diversified concepts.

Let’s take a look at the circular fashion blockbuster from future designers and retail directors in person!
Thanks to Gucci’s local office for the invitation and collaboration. Through an afternoon workshop, we jointly nurtured 21 future change leaders in the fashion industry for sustainable development!

One’s power is small, but the power of the crowd is immeasurable.


Community Volunteer Guidebook

To help communities learn the lessons of avlnaflkn, HandsOn Shanghai has created a guide for


For those that would like a free copy of the guide, HandsOn Shanghai Community Volunteer Handbook

Farewell to 2020 and Hello 2021!

Despite 2020 being an incredibly challenging year, the acts of support and unity from across the society have continued to inspire us.
The strength of your accompany and support inspire us.

Facing the 2021 dawn, let's go all out for every wish for good!

The best is yet to come.

So be the change, volunteer!

#bethechange #volunteer #goodbye2020 #hello2021

Thank you Trelleborg | 2020 first class!

We are back in action!! Today is the first opening day for elementary in Shanghai after the pandemic.

This event is based on professional doctors and teachers and students conducting face-to-face epidemic prevention knowledge popularization. Teachers and students of the whole school learn together in the form of watching live lectures and prepare for the arrival of the post-epidemic period.

At the same time, employee volunteers from #Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (China) Co., Ltd. (TSS) also came to the campus to donate caring materials and provide protection support for more than 1,600 teachers and students throughout the school.

We were also fortunate to invite the medical staff who fought hard on the front line during the epidemic to take this first class for students. Dr. Li used plain language to describe the "surging waves" scenes; using professional discourse to guide students to raise interest in learning; using interactive question and answer to solve the problems and confusions.

Thank you Trelleborg!

#BeTheChange #Volunteer #HandsOnShanghai

2018 HandsOn Shanghai Make a Difference Day

Next week, as part of the 2018 HandsOn Shanghai Make a Difference Day, more than 1000 volunteers will participate in a range of activities across Shanghai.

One of our largest annual service weeks, this year’s theme will be focused on the individual actions that we can take for the GREEN EARTH!

Collaborating with various environmentally focused NGO partners, you, your friends, colleagues, and family will have a lot of options to get engaged and to take individual actions!

Event Options:
※River Watching ※Green Campus road show at universities
※Beach Cleanup ※Green Art course at migrant primary school

Expected Partners:
1 migrant primary school 12 universities
3 corp. partners/sponsors 2 eco-tech support companies


Sign Up Now!
Are you interested in becoming head sponsor, official technology partner, venue partner or related? Right now both sponsorship seats and participate seats are opened to arrangement. For more information, please contact with Chloe (chloe@handsonshanghai.org) or corpworks@handsonshanghai.org

If you want to learn more about MADD, please send an email to volunteer@handsonshanghai.org; If you want to know more about environmental protection, please continue to follow our blog, or our WeChat channel!

About HandsOn Shanghai Make a Difference Day:

"MADD" program is a marathon community service event in which volunteers will touch as many of these key social issues as possible; it’s a project to engage, network and have fun! Whether you are looking for an annual volunteering event as an ending for this year, looking for a well-established CSR image to drive traffic, or have an up and coming CSR requirements, to get more engaged in the community as a group of friends, or have a great time with a group of your friends! This content-driven project has something to offer everyone.

Be the change! Volunteer!