Thank you Trelleborg | 2020 first class!

We are back in action!! Today is the first opening day for elementary in Shanghai after the pandemic.

This event is based on professional doctors and teachers and students conducting face-to-face epidemic prevention knowledge popularization. Teachers and students of the whole school learn together in the form of watching live lectures and prepare for the arrival of the post-epidemic period.

At the same time, employee volunteers from #Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (China) Co., Ltd. (TSS) also came to the campus to donate caring materials and provide protection support for more than 1,600 teachers and students throughout the school.

We were also fortunate to invite the medical staff who fought hard on the front line during the epidemic to take this first class for students. Dr. Li used plain language to describe the "surging waves" scenes; using professional discourse to guide students to raise interest in learning; using interactive question and answer to solve the problems and confusions.

Thank you Trelleborg!

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