Volunteering. The most direct way to help your community.

HandsOn Shanghai is a platform that removes the barrier of engaging citizens in the community, and regardless of whether you want to volunteer your time to educate a child, read a story to a child at the hospital, play Bingo! at the elderly care center, or paint a school library HandsOn Shanghai is the platform where you can choose the issues you want, when you want, and volunteer with others who are just like you.

We have developed our platform to engage, train, facilitate, and scale the passion of individual, student, and corporate volunteers in a way that maintains and develops depth of impact at our local partners, and while we love to see our volunteers come back, many of the programs for individual volunteers do not require you to commit beyond the few hours necessary for your selected project of interest.

To learn more about how to become a volunteer, please visit our  Individual, Student, and Corporate volunteer pages, learn more about the issues we are working with, or visit our partner profiles.

Be the Change! Volunteer!