Elderly Care

While China’s aged population was once care for by the family, elderly care centers have been set up to support some of Shanghai’s persons over the aged of 65.

Ranging in size and quality, HandsOn Shanghai has partnerships with several of Shanghai’s largest facilities, and we need your help!

By spending time with the elderly, we not only show them the respect and honor they deserve, but also learn to give our care to this much-overlooked demographic.  Working to enrich the lives of older residents, volunteers brighten their own as well.

HandsOn volunteers engage the elderly and play BINGO and mahjong, assist with rehabilitation classes, teach English, keep up the garden, and engage in a lot of very interesting conversations.

Our elderly programs are open to all of our groups (Individual, Student, and Corporate), and we hope to see you there!

Our Program Partners:

  • Fahua Elderly Care Center
  • Xuhui Elderly Care Center
  • Hongmei Elderly Care Center
  • Huangpu Elderly Care Center
  • Huangpu 2nd Elderly Care Center
  • Shanghai 3rd Social Welfare Institute
  • Beijing Songtang Hospice