Children’s Healthcare

There is nothing is worse than a sick child, and for many of the children in Shanghai’s children hospital who are undergoing treatment, the days of treatments are long.

To help brighten the days of those who suffer from leukemia, are recovering from heart surgery, or are overcoming a physical handicap, Hands On volunteers have been visiting Shanghai’s children’s hospitals to make sure activity rooms remain open and clean, to read to children while waiting for their appointments, and bringing cheer to those who are in need.

They bring their smiles and friendship to the children they work with, and over the last 3 years our weekly trips have made a difference.

We ask volunteers participating in these programs to understand that while they may not be able to cure the children they see, their care and concern make a difference and change lives for the better.

Our chlidren’s health programs are open to all of our groups (Individual, Student, and Corporate), and we hope to see you there!

Our Program Partners:

  • Shanghai Children’s Medical Center
  • Shanghai Children’s Hospital
  • Shanghai General Hospital
  • Children’s Hospital of Fudan University
  • Shanghai Pubin Children Hospital
  • Baby Home – Disabled Orphaned Children Center