With our mission is to promote volunteerism, inspire, equip and mobilize people to take action that changes the world, we envision a world in which individuals, students, and corporate leaders are able to discover (and harness) their power to make a difference, participate as volunteers, and participants in the development of healthy, vibrant, and resilient communities.

As part of our ongoing effort to support the environmental issues in Shanghai, in mid-2015 HandsOn Shanghai launched a series of activities aimed at increasing the awareness of environmental issues in China, and empowering volunteers to clean up Shanghai’s beaches, rivers, and parks.

Through these programs, we aim to be the first step to change.

  • Awareness – Through our monthly orientations, beach cleanups, and partnership with university clubs, our goal is to provide practical insights into the challenge faced, as well as practical tips for how individuals can reduce their individual waste.
  • Action – Through our regular Beach Cleanup, River Watching, and University cleanups, we are able to engage more than 5,000 individuals a year
  • Scale – Through the development of environmental curriculum, and training of students to deliver them, we are ensuring that the scale of impact is wider than our own programs.

Our environmental programs are open to all of our groups (Individual, Student, and Corporate), and we hope to see you there!