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Beginning in 2009, the HandsOn Shanghai Student Leadership Program has become a leading way to engage students on Shanghai’s University Campuses. Well-educated, open minded and eager to help, students have all the basic qualities necessary to become a good volunteer, and the student leadership program is a chance to help guide a generation of future leaders who are socially responsible citizens. Through ongoing trainings, the development of student managed programs, and through the creation of a reward system, we will develop stable groups of student volunteers.

Supporting our goal at HandsOn to encourage volunteerism, our student volunteers donate their time to educate a child, read stories to children at the hospital, play Bingo! with elderly etc. It is a platform that now engages students at 21 universities.







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Why become a HandsOn Shanghai student volunteer?

  • We’ve done the foot-work for you by finding and scheduling high-impact projects at children’s hospitals, schools, elderly care centers, Sunshine Homes and other partners that need your help.
  • You won’t be on your own. Our projects are group-based, so you’ll be working alongside other student volunteers, people who like you are young, full of energy and want to contribute to their community.
  • HandsOn student projects occur on weekdays and weekends, in Pudong and Puxi, to accommodate your busy school schedules and locations.
  • Through the HandsOn Shanghai student leadership program, you will have the opportunity to become a HandsOn Shanghai Team Leader, or even a Project Leader and attend training sessions to help you develop new skills.

What are the rewards of starting a partnership between HandsOn Shanghai and your school?

No matter if you start your own HandsOn Shanghai Club at your school or if you just want to be responsible for one certain project, there are many ways for your school to get involved with HandsOn Shanghai.

Here is what you can expect from a cooperation with HandsOn:

  • Trainings, workshops for team leaders and project leaders to help you develop new skills.
  • Regular orientation sessions, twice a year or once a year for new volunteers
  • Opportunities to meet other student volunteer group representatives and to share experiences with them
  • Opportunity to design your own program content plan for the projects you will be doing
  • Certificates for volunteers and team leaders
  • Access to networking and training events that support students’ interests and needs
  • Opportunities to lead a group of volunteers
  • Get in touch with volunteers from all kinds of backgrounds in the society and thus get the chance to look beyond the surroundings of your school

Our own requirement is that your school’s commitment with us and our partners will be long term.

If you are interested in establishing a cooperation between your school and HandsOn Shanghai send us an email to volunteer (@)

Be the Change! Volunteer!

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