In Shanghai, 4 out of 10 children are migrant children. These children’s rights can’t all be guaranteed and they have to go through a lot of difficulties. They have to face unfair education resource distribution, their living environment isn’t abundant, their parents are too busy to take care of them, etc. HandsOn Shanghai intend to introduce social resources in order to improve these schools’ facilities, and to enrich the student’s education for all-round development.

From 2007, HandsOn Shanghai started cooperating with 6 migrant schools, and the volunteer programs include:

  • Infrastructure improvements: wall-painting, donation of libraries and computer rooms, playground renovation, etc.
  • Training courses after school (English, Science, etc.)
  • Extra-curricular activities: Reading Clubs, Traffic Safety Class, Coding Class, Financial Quotient Class, Art Class, etc.
  • Exploring Shanghai (outings)

Through this program, we offer many opportunities for volunteers  (Individual, Student, and Corporate) to get involved teaching, mentoring, coaching, and empowering student.

Our Program Partners:

  • Shanghai Minhang Tangwan Primary School
  • Shanghai Minhang Yumiao Primary School
  • Shanghai Minhang Hongmei Primary School (Longxi Campus/ Zhuhang Campus/ Caohang Campus)
  • Shanghai Minhang Pujiang Wenhui School
  • Shanghai Sunflower Migrant Children Service Center
  • Beijing Wenhua Migrant School