Volunteer Leader: Yanan Shao

In 2021, I noticed a moments of a former colleague that HandsOn Shanghai is hiring a Beach Cleanup team leader.

I happened to be in the transition period of my career, I think that time I has the most courageous to try new things, and I had always had the idea of volunteering but had never practiced it, so I clicked the link and signed up. Just this simple action let me gain a lot of insights in 2021.

These insights came from the interesting soul of every event I participated in, from the brainstorming of each preparation, also from the story behind. So the bridge of thoughts and action may be that WeChat moments. If you have not crossed, it may be that wechat friends are not enough.

I remember the first time I joined in is February 27, 2021, a windy and raining day, went to beach cleanup with Sophia, it took two and a half hours, that day because of the weather, even take a photo is difficult, I wondered if this is the journey to the west so that need to experience the hardships.

But listened to Sophia’s knowledge output were completely instead uncomfortable, I was amazed and admired.

Gucci's new power|Fashion innovator presents "sustainable" runway debut

The beauty of creativity in the fashion industry leads people’s way of life.

Question is: How fashion brands can continue to lead the change in sustainable beauty under the vision of sustainable development?

On August 3, together with Shanghai and Gucci’s 2022 retail management trainees, the “Sustainable Development Workshop” was held. As the future innovators of the fashion industry, the new generation of fashion has learned the macro vision of “sustainable development” and has more thoughts and understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the fashion industry.

In the practical experience session, 21 youth gave full play to the strengths of the new fashion force, transformed second-hand T-shirts into “limited” environmental protection bags, and created a Gucci 2022MT Fashion Show with diversified concepts.

Let’s take a look at the circular fashion blockbuster from future designers and retail directors in person!
Thanks to Gucci’s local office for the invitation and collaboration. Through an afternoon workshop, we jointly nurtured 21 future change leaders in the fashion industry for sustainable development!

One’s power is small, but the power of the crowd is immeasurable.


Community Volunteer Guidebook

To help communities learn the lessons of avlnaflkn, HandsOn Shanghai has created a guide for


For those that would like a free copy of the guide, HandsOn Shanghai Community Volunteer Handbook