Corporate Community Training

As an organization whose core mission is to develop and strengthen the capacity of volunteers, HandsOn Shanghai has had a long history of helping organizations build and manage their corporate volunteering program. It is an expertise that has been honed over hundreds of programs, and through the Corporate Community Training program, it is an expertise that we look to help others master so that they can develop and manage their own programs.

Through the Corporate Community Training program, HandsOn Shanghai will offer corporate managers who are responsible for the development of their firm’s volunteer engagement program a series of corporate workshops that will provide the tools corporate managers need to develop partnerships, build projects, increase internal buy-in and capacity, and effectively monitor their projects in a way that supports the long term needs of the community.

The goals of the workshops will be to:

  1. Highlight the benefits (internal and external) of corporate volunteer programs
  2. Provide CSR managers an opportunity to learn about how to develop corporate volunteer programs and tools for managing and growing programs
  3. Provide participants with a site based experience

 Who Should Attend:

  1. General Managers and Directors looking to understand the benefits of volunteer programs, and the steps needed to develop a program
  2. CSR Managers of firms who are looking to develop their first programs
  3. Experienced program managers looking to develop monitoring and reporting tools

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